The traditional espresso machine is the ideal equipment to adjust and control all settings. It remains simple to use and is the ally of baristas who can control the parameters for a customized brewing profile. It can be used with other complementary equipment such as an espresso grinder.
The automatic espresso machine automatically carries out all the steps involved in preparing an espresso: it grinds, cups, extracts the coffee and can also emulsify the milk. Once set up with the help of our experts, the automatic machine reproduces the barista quality but in an autonomous way. It is perfectly suited for use by less specialized staff, but also for self-service.
This depends on the type of establishment and the daily volume of espresso. You also need to think about your milk system according to the proposed menu. You can use our Sales Guide or contact us to speak with a sales consultant who will be able to advise you on the most suitable equipment.
All our machines are designed and manufactured in France in our factory in Carros. We have the label Origine France Garantie for most of our lines. We handcraft our own parts with noble materials such as brass, stainless steel or copper and have been assembling them on site for over 100 years.
Our machines are designed to last over time, provided they are regularly maintained. They can also be fully refurbished for a second life of use. Once unusable, they can be recovered and recycled.
Yes, because the materials used are recyclable (copper, stainless steel, brass, etc.). We also recycle all our waste within the factory or reuse it as much as possible, such as delivery pallets and cardboard packaging for example.
We organize demonstrations and trainings in our different showrooms, for our customers, our technical partners. It is also possible to visit the factory on request.
We are present internationally through a network of approved distributors. A dedicated sales team is also at your disposal. Contact us at directly for more information.


The nameplate, which contains the machine's serial number, is easily spotted and is usually located behind the used coffee bin for super automatic machines or on the front panel for traditional machines.
On our website, the user manual is available for each machine in the menu Services . It provides installation, use and maintenance advice, as well as warnings and a booking plan to ensure that your machine is used properly.
In addition to the espresso machines we manufacture, we also offer espresso grinders, and other useful accessories such as tampers, grounds trays, softeners...Discover the complete list by contacting us.
You are free to use the coffee beans of your choice. We advise you to contact your roaster to find out more about the best extraction for your type of coffee or taste. All our machines offer a very high setting potential, which allows you to get the best extraction with any coffee. Ask our team for advice on how to adjust the choice of your machine according to your coffee choices.
The choice of the type of milk for the preparation of cappuccino, latte, ... is open, whether it is of animal or vegetable origin. We recommend avoiding micro-filtered or homogenized milk, which does not guarantee a successful milk foam.
Our coffee machine solutions for pre-dosed coffee are mainly suitable for E. S. E. type (45mm) or double pods (55mm).


For cleaning coffee units, run cycles with a UNIC detergent tablet. For milk systems, clean with suitable disinfectants. Our team will train you in maintenance upon receipt of the machine.
The automatic cleaning cycles are presented during installation. It is imperative to use the dedicated UNIC products supplied with the accessory box to clean the coffee and milk circuits.
Before use, turn on the steam for 2 seconds to remove condensation. After use, wipe with a damp cloth and reactivate the steam for 2 seconds to avoid blocking the outlet holes. Clean all external outlets daily with a cleaner/disinfectant.
We always recommend the installation of a water treatment system to ensure the protection of your equipment from water hardness and other harmful components found in water. Monitoring the water treatment is the most important thing, it guarantees the proper functioning of the machine, as well as the taste and the quality of the coffee extracted. Contact us , our team will advise you on this point, depending on the quality of the water supplying the equipment.
We have created and tested specific UNIC products for our machines. These are detergents in the form of milk tablets or liquids, which ensure the cleanliness of the pipes and prevent malfunctions. We recommend using them for the maximum life of your machine.
By following the instructions for maintenance and use of your machine provided at the time of installation. We also offer maintenance contracts to prevent your machine from malfunctioning and to ensure a longer service life.


Following the installation of your machine, you have a 12-month factory warranty on parts, subject to confirmation of a defect issue and not deliberate damage. You can then take out a preventive maintenance contract. We strongly recommend that you activate your machine's warranty on the website in the menu Services here .
Contact the technical team that installed your machine or in charge of your maintenance. A contact is provided to you and a label is attached to your machine at the time of installation for easy retrieval. You can also contact us directly .
Yes, we train our repairers in the factory for several days so that they are familiar with all the machines. They are then autonomous in the maintenance, cleaning and servicing of our machines.
You can contact your technical team or contact our spare parts department using the contact details provided at the time of installation. We also provide a preventive maintenance kit with a prevention plan, assistance and advice. If you do not have a dealer, a form to fill in is available here .
Option 1: By contacting the sales administration by phone on +33 (0)4 92 08 62 60 Option 2: By contacting the sales administration via our contact form .
Yes, your dedicated team will be determined by your location and contract. They will follow you for the order, the installation of your machine, the training and the follow-up during the warranty or maintenance phases.


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