A PROUD HERITAGE IN THE ESPRESSO INDUSTRY Driven by an ongoing passion for excellence in espresso over the past 100 years, coffee brewing has always been at the heart of our efforts in developing UNIC espresso machines.

While the company has developed from a small family business to become part of the internationally renowned ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL group.

A Legend Since 1919


To this day our entire production process is performed in France by engineers of the highest caliber. We strive for quality in our product and associated services to ensure our customers get best-in-class equipment and their consumers enjoy every cup they drink. We achieve excellence through innovation, a commitment to developing our know-how, and of course, a passion for ensuring every cup of coffee poured is a moment to savor.

Coffee: our passion and our mission

Since its inception as a small family-run business over 100 years ago, UNIC has grown and developed to become part of the internationally renowned ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL group. However much the company has changed throughout our history, we have always upheld certain core values that have been fundamental to our success. We believe that everybody deserves to enjoy the sensory pleasure and surge of wellbeing that only the best coffee can bring. UNIC prioritizes quality, strives to develop and leverage extensive know-how, and is 100% committed to innovation through research and development conducted by industry-best engineers. We strive for excellence both in our customer service and the consumer coffee experience.

A century of coffee expertise poured into every cup

The UNIC story begins in 1919, when Italian engineer Mario Levi designed his first coffee machine, the Idrotermica. In 1928, he created the UNIC brand and set up a manufacturing plant in Nice.

In 1948, the company created our first horizontal boiler machine, specially designed for use in hotels. Twenty years later, UNIC ushered in the era of the super automatic espresso machine. The digital age began in 1984 with the ED model, our first hydraulic piston espresso machine with digital command. Two years later, the company’s super automatic range gained new electronic commands, with the CONTACT PRO model. UNIC celebrated the start of a new millenium with the launch of the emblematic TANGO® DUO super automatic espresso machine with two boilers and the patented TANGO® double piston group.

In 2019, to celebrate our centenary, UNIC launched the flagship multi-boilers STELLA EPIC – a fully customizable machine that offers baristas advanced technology to set and record various coffee extraction profiles. UNIC also joined the prestigious ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL group, where we have been offering quality, innovation and a superior coffee experience within the hospitality sector ever since.

A commitment to innovation: our certifications and patents

UNIC’s entire design and manufacturing process is ISO 9001 compliant, which demonstrates our commitment to quality, while our environmental management system is certified ISO 14001, testament to our efforts to limit our environmental impact.
All our machines are tested and evaluated by independent organizations to comply with various international technical rules and specifications. UNIC certifies the CE marking of all products to comply with the EU regulatory requirements for safety, health and environment. In addition, UNIC guarantees the conformity of electrical and electronic components with the RoHS European Directive that restricts the use of substances considered dangerous for the environment. In addition, the entire range of our TANGO®, Stella EPIC, Stella di Caffè, AURA, and CLASSIC machines has earned the ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE label.
UNIC’s innovation strategy has also resulted in a large number of registered patents covering all of our products: TANGO® brew group, DOSAMAT®, THERMALINK®, STEAM GLIDE LEVER, DHA®, DCA®.


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